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Trump-ing the Inhuman Condition

Since it is patently obvious that candidate Trump has the mental state of a ADHD thirteen year old redneck white male with his first copy of Penthouse, I have to question the mental state of those that would put him in the White House – are they for him because of his obvious juvenile mentality, or in spite of it?  I recognize that his base is in the former group, i.e. all the redneck white males that would love to lead the life that he tries to project himself as having, and that conclusion has proven its validity in the last several months.  The “rich asshole that gets away with pissing anyone and everyone off while fucking gorgeous models” act has a lot of much-too-old juvenile delinquents drooling on themselves, but then this is also the crowd for whom the old “Beavis and Butthead” show was a documentary, not a parody, so enough said about them.

The ones I wonder about are the rest of his fans – the ones that can act normal in public.  How can these people not see that they are piling on is support of the presidential candidate most representative of the worst qualities of the human race?  At the risk of sounding a tad religious, this guy represents every bad quality attributed to the evil side of every pantheon invented in the last few thousand years.  Somehow the oblivious fools can overlook the hallmarks of a Hitler in the making, although I suspect that goes under the rubric of “Ignorance is bliss.”  Is real life so bad that this nuthouse-crazy nightmare is better than reality?  The religious right likes to talk about devil worship and similar silliness, but according to their system of beliefs Trump is the old cloven-hoofed demon, Satan himself, and in the flesh – and a lot of these people are Trump fans…  Hello?  There seems to be some disconnect here?

I just had to ask – I can’t hope for rational answers, because “rational” has left the building when Trump comes up.

Addendum 11/11/2016:  I have spent a LOT of time thinking about this problem since the election, and I might have some partial answers for later blog posts.  Things are already getting interesting as it is.


September 19, 2016 - Posted by | Politics, Society

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